The “2022 Second Canadian San-Ai International Shaolin Cultural Festival” sponsored by Amber Financial was a great success!

“The most beautiful September day on earth” event, because of the epidemic postponed for two years and much-anticipated 2022 the second Canadian three love international Shaolin cultural festival opening ceremony finally on September 16 in Richmond, BC Quilchena Golf Private Club and Toronto, Ontario Shaolin cultural center at the same time held a grand. A series of rich and exciting cultural innovations reflecting the interplay of traditional Shaolin culture and local Canadian culture amazed more than 200 guests through digital technology online and offline interactive highlights.

As the diamond sponsor of the event, Mr. Song Yi, the president of Amber Financial, gave a speech of appreciation to the guests in the opening ceremony

2022 The 2nd Canadian San-Ai International Shaolin Cultural Festival is organized by Songshan Shaolin Temple in China and Shaolin Temple in Canada, under the personal guidance of the Abbot of Shaolin Temple, Monk Shi Yongxin. This year’s festival adheres to the concept of “equality, bonding, achievement”, with the theme of “Kung Fu Beaver”, and aims to promote Shaolin culture, and is committed to promoting Shaolin culture heritage innovation, and integration of Canadian local values, and constantly expand the Shaolin culture in Canada The theme of “Kung Fu Beaver” is to promote Shaolin culture, to promote Shaolin culture, to promote Shaolin culture, to promote Shaolin culture.

After the dinner, the guests attended the First Asia Pacific Metaverse Summit with Vancouver as the main venue, remotely connecting China, the US and Canada, and the four cities of Vancouver, Silicon Valley, Beijing and Shanghai. A total of 3,900 people watched the forum online, with a peak of 2,616 people online at the same time, making the forum a complete success.

Representatives of Amber Financial took a group photo with the Kung Fu Beaver mascot issued by this year’s cultural festival
On September 24, this year’s Sanai International Shaolin Cultural Festival was successfully closed with the joint efforts of many parties.
The representative of Amber Financial attended the closing ceremony and took a photo with Venerable Shi Yandi, the abbot of Shaolin Temple in Canada

“Karma and harmony, the wishes of all, thanks to the strong support of all the guests who attended, to make this festival a success, the Canadian Shaolin Temple Cultural Centre will use Shaolin Temple Canada as a heritage base to bring peace friendship and health to people of all ethnicities in the Greater Vancouver area and Canada”. ——— Venerable Shi Yandi’s speech

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