Women’s Inner Growth—Exploring the Power Within

On June 14th, Amber Financial’s enriching offline event returned to West Vancouver, with the distinguished author Jieru Zhang delivering the insightful lecture “Women’s Inner Growth—Exploring the Power Within.” In our fast-paced and information-rich world, mastering self-growth and emotional management is crucial. Drawing from her own experiences, Ms. Zhang inspired attendees to delve deep and unlock their inner potential.

The lecture was structured around three pivotal themes: “Self-Awareness – Seeing Oneself,” “Self-Growth – Seeing the World,” and “Interpersonal Interaction – Seeing All Beings.” It thoroughly addressed how to cultivate self-awareness and foster harmonious interactions with others. Ms. Zhang underscored the significance of self-awareness, sharing strategies for recognizing and embracing personal traits to foster inner stability and resilience. Furthermore, the session provided profound insights into emotional management, showcasing effective methods for identifying and modulating emotions, highlighting that adept emotional control is essential for mental wellness and achieving a balanced life.

In her discussion on self-growth, Ms. Zhang encouraged participants to uncover their core values and aspirations, and to set forth clear, attainable personal goals. This approach not only promotes self-fulfillment but also nurtures profound inner contentment. She also emphasized the critical role of time management and life balance, offering guidance on how to savor the present moment amidst life’s busyness.

Guest Introduction Jieru Zhang, an alumnus of Fudan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature, also holds a Master’s degree in Gender and International Relations from the University of Bristol, UK. She is a seasoned contributor to renowned publications including ELLE, VOGUE, BAZAAR, HOW, Weekend Illustrated, Shanghai Service Guide, Shanghai Weekly, Metropolis, and Life Information.

  • Her novel “The Cloud on the Ground” was awarded the prestigious Second World Chinese Literature Prize for Fiction. Her essay collection “Chaos Out Of Order” received the 2023 Yan Geling Literary Award.
  • In 2023, she was honored with the “Her Power Global Lady Club—Cultural Communication Award.”
  • A certified yoga instructor affiliated with the American Yoga Alliance.
  • Formerly engaged in brand operations and corporate public relations with leading organizations such as Ogilvy, Adidas, and the Canadian Yukon Zinc Corporation.
  • Relocated to Canada in 2008 and now resides in Vancouver.

This engaging event provided an excellent opportunity for deeper interaction with our clients and friends in West Vancouver, who showed enthusiastic support for Amber Financial’s initiative. We eagerly anticipate hosting more such enriching events in the future. Let’s look forward to reconnecting at our next gathering!