Who We Are

Amber Financial

With integrity, into the future.

Amber Mortgage Investment Corp. (referred to as “Amber MIC”) is a financial institution chartered under the Canadian Income Tax Act, providing first and second mortgage loan services to individuals and commercial borrowers. The collateral for mortgage loans is real estate located within Canada, including single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, multi-unit residences, retail spaces, offices, industrial properties, and real estate development projects.

Amber Financial Services Corp. (referred to as “Amber Financial”) is the management company for Amber MIC. Amber Financial Services Corp. is a leading innovative financial services and mortgage brokerage company, connecting with over 30 financial institutions in Canada. Leveraging platform resources, it offers borrowers flexible and reasonable mortgage loan solutions and consumer loan options.

Our Vision

To help individuals, families, and businesses achieve their homeownership vision and financial goals through the provision of financial services.

Our Mission

Amber Financial and Amber MIC are committed to providing borrowers with fast and flexible loan services and offering investors high-yield, stable investment opportunities.

Our Corporate Values


We consider integrity as the highest principle in all interactions with customers, employees, and partners. We communicate with honesty and transparency, fulfilling our commitments and establishing a solid foundation of trust.


Rigor plays a critical role in our operations. We adopt high standards and rigorous methods, especially in investment decisions, risk management, and loan evaluations. This ensures the quality and sustainability of our loan investments.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients to meet their needs. We offer accurate, timely information and support to ensure clients receive timely and professional service at every stage.


We cherish diversity and encourage collaboration and sharing among employees with different backgrounds and experiences. This fosters innovation, enhances our adaptability, and ensures that we can better meet the diverse needs of our clients.


We adhere to the principle of giving back to the communities we serve, actively supporting community development and participating in community initiatives, benefiting our investors, employees, and the communities we serve.


We view sustainable development as an integral part of our long-term strategy. In addition to pursuing business objectives, we prioritize environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. By adhering to responsible investment and sustainable development principles, we are committed to jointly creating a better future.

Our Team

Our Leadership

Our leadership team possesses extensive experience and professional expertise in their respective fields. They work closely together, dedicated to achieving the company’s long-term goals and mission. Guided by core values of professional excellence, customer-centricity, innovation-driven, and transparent integrity, these values serve as the solid foundation for our success. The leadership team actively ensures that these values evolve with the times, guiding our employees to embody these core values in their work.

Elvis Song

President & Founder

Roy Ho

VP, Mortgage Lending

Cindy Liu

VP, Marketing

Sean Fan

VP, Compliance

Lina Bing

VP, Finance

Frank Liang

VP & Designated Individual

Derek Meng

Director, Marketing

Tina Wu

Director, Human Resources

Audrey Liu

Manager, Business Development