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Amber provides competitive mortgage rates, to help you save borrowing costs and reduce repayment burdens.

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Amber is committed to providing tailored mortgage program, to meet your financial needs, reduce financial risks, and ensure that it is consistent with your repayment ability and financial goals.

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Amber’s transparent approval process allows borrowers to clearly understand the progress of loan applications, reducing the stress caused by loan applications and shortening the waiting time.

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Amber Mortgage Financing

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Amber Mortgage Investment Corp. (referred to as “Amber MIC”) is a financial institution chartered under the Canadian Income Tax Act, providing first and second mortgage loan services to individuals and commercial borrowers. The collateral for mortgage loans is real estate in Canada, including single-family homes, apartments, townhouses, multi-unit residences, retail spaces, offices, industrial properties, and real estate development projects.

Amber Financial Services Corp. (referred to as “Amber”) is the management company of Amber MIC. Amber Financial Services Corp. is a leading innovative financial services and mortgage brokerage company, connecting with over 30 financial institutions in Canada. Leveraging the platform resources, it offers borrowers flexible and reasonable mortgage loan solutions and consumer loan options.

Amber Financial and Amber MIC are committed to providing borrowers with fast and flexible loan services and providing investors with high-yield and stable investment opportunities.

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Reassuring, secure & satisfying mortgage solutions

Amber Financial, aligning with market demands and broadening its horizons, offers diverse mortgage services to meet the varied financial needs of our customers. From first to secondary mortgages, bridge loans, land loans, commercial mortgages, and more, we effectively cater to the diverse financial requirements of individuals at all levels. With over 10 types of properties accepted as loan collateral and coverage in over 20 cities across British Columbia and Ontario, our customers can experience secure, worry-free, convenient, and efficient financial services anytime, anywhere.

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Finance is the core of the modern economy, and home mortgages serve as a catalyst for urban development and people’s settlement. Amber Financial provides professional, reliable and flexible loan services for property owners, assisting immigrant communities in Canada to realize their “dream of settling down.” Amber offers short-term loans ranging from 3 to 12 months for borrowers using their properties as collateral. By allowing borrowers to pay only the interest, we alleviate the repayment burden for our clients.

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Our Projects

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Amber’s mortgage investment portfolio encompasses a variety of property types, including apartments, detached houses, townhouses, land, multi-family housing, and other commercial properties. Our collateral assets are mainly located in core areas of Greater Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area. This diversified portfolio includes both first and second mortgage loans.

The diversification of loans and the precise control of loan ratios provide strong stability to the Amber fund pool, and significantly improve Amber MIC’s ability to respond to market fluctuations. This multi-level diversification not only helps spread risk but also maximizes return on investment.

Loan Amount: $220K

Our client is a young entrepreneur residing in Toronto, operating an automotive parts store. He owns a property in downtown Toronto, which he is using as collateral to apply for a mortgage from Amber. The reason for his loan application is his plan to open another shop, requiring initial funds for establishing the business, operations, and marketing.

Loan Amount: $1.05M

Our client sold their existing property and, following the completion of the transaction, acquired a piece of land to build a custom-designed, brand-new detached house. The client is using this land as collateral to apply for a loan from Amber. The funds, as stated by the client, will be used to support the expenses incurred in renovating and rebuilding the house

Loan Amount: $300K

Our client was once a successful female entrepreneur who, along with her husband, built a successful business in China. Now, she is a contented stay-at-home mom, raising three exceptionally talented children. Her eldest daughter has already started working in the United States, and now she and her two other children reside in Vancouver. Juggling the daily lives of her children, she doesn't have the time or energy to transfer money from overseas. Therefore, she approached Amber, hoping to mortgage her property in Vancouver to access some cash to support her daily living expenses.

Loan Amount: $1.4M

Our clients are three brothers involved in land and building development projects. The eldest brother and another partner jointly own a property. They wish to acquire a 50% stake in the property registered under the other partner's name, and therefore, have registered a new company. The three brothers approached Amber, seeking to use the property as collateral for a mortgage to complete this transaction. They also intend to set aside a portion of the funds for supporting the development of the project.

Loan Amount: $2.8M

Our client requires a loan of $2.8 million to support the acquisition of three upscale condominium properties. In addition to these three soon-to-be-closed residences, the client has also used two other commercial properties under their name as collateral, ensuring that the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio remains within a manageable risk range.

Loan Amount: $700K

Our client is the owner of a car dealership, running a used car business in Toronto for over a decade. Approximately two years ago, he expanded his business ventures into house flipping. Over the past two years, he and his partner have renovated two properties, with one of them already listed for sale. The client approached Amber with the intention of securing a 75% mortgage, with a 25% down payment, to facilitate the purchase of a new property. This would mark their third renovation project.

Loan Amount: $800K

Our client is an entrepreneur from China who owns real estate and a private lending company in Canada. Since immigrating to Canada in 2008, she has acquired multiple properties. She approached Amber with the intention of using two of these properties as collateral to secure a loan for the purchase of an office space in downtown Vancouver.

Loan Amount: $1.05M

Our client is a real estate broker in Toronto who purchased pre-construction units for two commercial properties in 2019, with completion in October 2021. The client also owns three other shops in the same business district. Seeking assistance from Amber, the client is using the three already completed shops as collateral to facilitate the acquisition of the new pair of commercial properties.
Our Team

Licensed Mortgage Brokers

Our team members bring diverse backgrounds and rich experiences, infusing the company with vibrant energy. Our core values, including professional excellence, customer-centricity, innovation drive, and transparent integrity, form the robust foundation of our success. Amber Financial consistently upholds these values, integrating them into our work and interactions with clients, guiding us to achieve one outstanding accomplishment after another. On the journey to realizing your financial goals, our mortgage agents stand alongside you with a commitment to professionalism and rigorous service.