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About Us

Amber Financial Services is a leading innovative financial services and mortgage brokerage company registered in British Columbia, Canada.

Our Vision

Provide financial services to help individuals, families, and businesses achieve their housing vision and financial goals.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Rigor, Professionalism, Multiculturalism, Community, Sustainability

Our Mission

Amber is committed to providing borrowers with fast and flexible mortgage services, and providing investors with high-yield and stable investment opportunities.

With integrity, into the future.

Amber Financial Services Corporation, established in 2015 and registered in the province of British Columbia, is a licensed financial institution dedicated to providing tailored financing, wealth management products and financial services for Canadians. Since its inception, Amber Financial has experienced steady growth in its asset management scale. With a robust risk control system, it consistently delivers stable and reliable investment returns for investors while offering professional, flexible, and customized lending services for borrowers.

Amber is committed to becoming a leading comprehensive financial services platform in Canada. It continually enhances service initiatives, innovates financial products, optimizes business processes, and leverages its strengths to execute a dual-focus strategy (strict control over investment and lending activities). The goal is to provide customers with more professional and diversified financial service solutions.

New Home Purchases
Presale Closing
Bridge Loans
Equity Takeout
1st & 2nd Mortgages
Loan Brokerage
Amber Mortgage Investment Fund
Amber Mortgage Financing

Reassuring, secure & satisfying mortgage solutions.

Amber Financial, aligning with market demands and broadening its horizons, offers diverse mortgage services to meet the varied financial needs of our customers. From first to secondary mortgages, bridge loans, land loans, commercial mortgages, and more, we effectively cater to the diverse financial requirements of individuals at all levels. With over 10 types of properties accepted as loan collateral and coverage in over 20 cities across British Columbia and Ontario, our customers can experience secure, worry-free, convenient, and efficient financial services anytime, anywhere.

Amber Mortgage Investment

Reliable & sustainable mortgage investments.

Amber manages a diversified portfolio of mortgage loans, which helps reduce investment risk. Investors in MIC can participate in the real estate market by purchasing preferred shares without having to physically purchase a property, thus providing higher investment liquidity. In addition, MIC’s transparent tax policy also enables investors to enjoy preferential tax treatment.

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