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Quarterly Dividend

Quarterly dividend is distributed, which is a steady, regular and legal source of Canadian revenue.

Annual Audit

Amber MIC is audited by the top accounting firm KPMG LLP yearly. The report is available to investors.

Property Secured

Every loan is secured by Canadian properties located in hot spots of core cities.

About us

Amber Mortgage Investment Fund

With Integrity, into the Future.

Amber Financial is a leading mortgage and mortgage investment company, registered in BC, with assets under management over 200 million Canadian dollars. We provides stable and value-added mortgage investment opportunities for individuals, companies and institutional investors.


Total assets under management


Total cumulative dividend


Annualized compound interest rate for 7 consecutive years

Stability, Growth

Unique Advantages

More flexible than traditional banks.

Traditional banks cannot meet all the financing needs of borrowers. Amber MIC aims to fulfill this market gap by overcoming the challenges faced by you as homeowners.



We are focused on the mortgage market and have developed partnerships with a wide range of organizations.



We have the capability to verify the borrowers’ credit information in both China and Canada.


The management team has more than 15 years’ experience in managing personal and commercial bank loans.


Each loan is registered on title against a real estate property in Canada as collateral.


We have implemented a powerful data analysis and management system.


A customized and diversified portfolio reduces the risk for investors.
Our Projects

Recent Projects

Amber’s loan and investment portfolio spans a variety of property types, including apartments, homes, townhomes, land, multifamily housing and other commercial properties. Our collateral assets are mainly located in the core areas of Greater Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area. This diversified portfolio of loans and investments includes first and second mortgages.

Portfolio diversity enables us to effectively manage market risk. The diversification of loans and the precise control of loan proportions provide strong stability to the Amber capital pool and significantly improve the ability of Amber MIC to respond to market fluctuation risks. This multi-level diversification not only helps spread risk but also maximizes return on investment.

Loan Amount: $220K

Our client is a young entrepreneur living in Toronto who runs an auto parts store. He owned a property in downtown Toronto and used it as collateral to apply for a loan from Amber. He applied for the loan because he planned to open another store and needed some upfront capital to establish, operate, and market the business.

Loan Amount: $1.05M

Our client sold his property and after the transaction was completed, purchased a piece of land to build a new custom built house. The client used the land as collateral to apply for a loan from Anbo. The client indicated that the funds would be used to support the cost of renovating the home. ​

Loan Amount: $300K

Our client was once a successful female entrepreneur who built a successful business with her husband in China. Now she is a happy study mother who has raised three excellent children. Her eldest daughter has gone to the United States to find a job. She now lives in Vancouver with her two children. Busy with her daily life of taking care of her children, she didn't have the time or energy to remit money from China, so she found Anbo and hoped to mortgage her property in Vancouver to get some cash to support her daily living expenses. ​

Loan Amount: $1.4M

Our clients are three brothers who develop construction projects together. The eldest of the three brothers owned a property together with another partner. They wanted to acquire back 50% of the equity in the property registered in that partner's name, so they registered a new company. The three brothers approached Anbo and hoped to use the property as a mortgage to complete the transaction and reserve part of the cash to support project development. ​

Loan Amount: $2.8M

Our client needed a loan of $2.8M to support the handover of three high-end apartment properties. In addition to the three residential properties that are about to be handed over, the client also used two other commercial properties under his name to jointly mortgage the property to ensure that the LTV ratio was within an acceptable risk range. ​

Loan Amount: $700K

Our client is a car dealership owner who has been running a used car dealership in Toronto for more than ten years. About two years ago he branched out and started renovating houses. In the past two years, I have renovated two properties with my partners, and one of them has been put on the market. The client came to us and wanted a 25% down payment and a 75% loan to complete the purchase of a new property, which would be their third renovation project. ​

Loan Amount: $800K

Our client is an entrepreneur from China who owns her own real estate and private lending company in Canada. After immigrating to Canada in 2008, she purchased a number of properties. She approached Amber and hoped to use two of the properties as collateral to borrow money to purchase an office in downtown Vancouver. ​

Loan Amount: $1.05M

Our client is a real estate agent in Toronto. He bought two commercial properties off the plan in 2019 and handed them over in October 2021. The customer also has three shops in the same business district. The customer approached Amber and used these three shops that had been handed over as collateral to complete the handover of the two new shops. ​

Our Team

Our team members bring a diversity of perspectives, talents and experiences to financial investment. Our core values – integrity, trust, sustainability, commitment, and innovation – provide an enduring foundation for our success. Our leadership team ensures these values remain vital and relevant, helping guide our employees in the way they do their jobs and the way we treat our customers and each other.