Amber Event | Highlights of Tax Strategies for Investment Businesses and Overseas Funds Audits

On May 29, 2024, Amber Financial hosted the third lecture of its 2024 Tax Season Series, titled “Tax Planning for Investment Businesses and Analysis of Overseas Funds Tax Audits,” at its Richmond headquarters. This lecture aimed to help individuals and businesses navigate complex tax challenges and enhance their tax planning capabilities, drawing a significant number of attendees keen on tax issues.

The event featured Mr. Tao Feng, a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant, as the keynote speaker. Mr. Feng, a partner at Front West CPA, is an alumnus of SFU and UBC Business School. With over a decade of experience in renowned banks and accounting firms, he specializes in corporate, family trust, and overseas asset planning and reporting, boasting extensive expertise in handling CRA tax audits.

The lecture was comprehensive and accessible, covering everyday tax issues, overseas asset planning, international taxation, high-net-worth family tax planning, tax audits, and tax planning strategies.

Mr. Feng meticulously explained the often-overlooked key issues in daily tax matters and clarified the definition of tax residency. He specifically highlighted common pitfalls in reporting overseas assets for high-net-worth individuals. Through case studies and policy analysis, he helped attendees deeply understand essential strategies for high-net-worth family tax planning, such as family trusts, corporate restructuring, and legitimate tax avoidance techniques.

Tax audits were another crucial focus of the lecture. Mr. Feng introduced the various types and procedures of tax audits and pointed out common mistakes to avoid during the audit process. He emphasized the importance of sound tax planning, guiding attendees on how to be well-prepared and mitigate risks during tax audits.

Following the informative lecture, an interactive Q&A session took place. Attendees eagerly posed questions, and Mr. Feng patiently answered them, creating a lively and engaging atmosphere.

This lecture marked the conclusion of Amber Financial’s 2024 Tax Season Series. Through the individual tax lecture (the first lecture), the West Vancouver special tax lecture, and this event, we aim to help Amber investors and friends better manage and plan their tax affairs. Moving forward, Amber Financial will continue to host various professional lectures, offering high-quality financial services and diverse activities for our clients. We look forward to seeing you at our next exciting Amber event!