Amber Event | Highlights of the Event “The Cloud on Ground” Author and Reader Meet-up

Books serve as the spiritual sustenance of humanity, and the meeting between authors and readers is a rare opportunity for exchange, sharing, and learning. AmberFinancial is delighted to invite Chinese author Ms. Zhang Jie Ru to the meeting with the author and readers of ‘The Cloud on Ground’ on March 8, 2023 (this Tuesday).

Guest Author Introduction

Author Zhang Jie Ru, a graduate of Fudan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature, holds a Master’s degree in Gender and International Relations from the University of Bristol in the UK. She has contributed articles to various publications such as ELLE, VOGUE, BAZAAR, HOW, Weekend Pictorial, Shanghai Service Guide, Shanghai Weekly, Metropolitan, and Lifestyle Information.

She is also a registered yoga instructor with the American Yoga Alliance, and she has worked in brand operations and corporate PR for agencies like Ogilvy & Mather, Adidas, and Canada’s Yukon Zinc Corporation. In 2008, she relocated to Canada and currently resides in Vancouver.

Creation Background

‘The Cloud on Ground’ was written during the lockdown period of the pandemic, redirecting people from “seeking victory externally” to “seeking peace internally.” The novel encompasses nostalgia and a reevaluation of the author’s hometown, Shanghai, reflections on the inherent societal roles of both genders, and a reexamination of marriage and self-awareness.

Female consciousness and willpower are crucial elements of the book, and the author asserts, “Women have long been awakened, there’s no need to wait until now.” Various ways in which women contend with society are explored at different levels.

Within the creation background of the book, the author also sought a literary narrative style to showcase a unique perspective on storytelling.

After an engaging presentation of the captivating creation background and reading excerpts from the book, readers present at the event actively shared their reading experiences and enthusiastically exchanged thoughts with the author.

Following the book signing session, participants continued to share their experiences of reading ‘The Cloud on Ground,’ expressing their high praise for the successful organization of the event. They eagerly anticipate more diverse and enriching events from AmberFinancial in the future!