HerPower Visits Amber Financial: Discussing Marketing and Women’s Influence

On the afternoon of April 26th, the successful joint event “HerPower Global Lady Club Visits Amber: Discussing Marketing and Women’s Influence” was held, co-hosted by HerPower and Amber Financial. Nearly 40 outstanding female entrepreneurs, founders, professionals, and philanthropists from the local Vancouver community attended the event, encouraging more Chinese women to showcase and spread their influence.


Group photo of the attendees


The event began with a welcome speech from Anna, the founding president of the “HerPower Global Women’s Club.” She introduced the purpose of organizing this event by HerPower, its mission, and goals. She expressed gratitude to all the guests present and invited representatives from Amber Financial to speak.


Amber Financial Vice President Cindy’s speech

At the beginning of the event, Cindy Liu, the Vice President of Amber Financial, provided an overview of the company’s development history. Amber Financial, founded in 2015, is a leading innovative financial technology company. Since its establishment, Amber Financial has been featured in several Canadian media outlets and was recognized by Techvibes in 2016 as one of the top five hottest and most promising fintech companies in Canada.

The year 2018 marked a flourishing period for Amber Financial, achieving milestones such as the B-round expansion and the establishment of a Toronto branch, expanding its business to the province of Ontario. This rapid development propelled Amber Financial into a period of high-speed growth.


Amber Financial is an enterprise with business school genes, initiated and established by alumni of the China Europe International Business School. In 2019, alumni from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management and local renowned entrepreneurs joined Amber Financial’s shareholder team. This collaboration between China Europe and Peking University resulted in a successful partnership among alumni from distinguished business schools in China. With the support of many strong and talented shareholders, Amber Financial has laid a solid foundation for its stable and rapid development in recent years.

Amber Financial is regulated by the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) and the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC). The allocation of funds must comply with securities regulations and be filed with the securities commission. Amber MIC produces quarterly reports, ensuring transparency regarding the use of funds.

Amber Financial is also a socially responsible company. While creating financial performance, it gives back to the community by engaging in corporate philanthropy, assisting various groups and organizations in need, such as the Chinese elderly community, YWCA Single Mothers Club, children’s end-of-life care, and autism awareness. Amber Financial strives to fulfill its social responsibility as a responsible and positively developing enterprise, contributing to the community and society.

Special thanks were extended to all friends who have accompanied Amber Financial’s growth. The support and encouragement provided by them have been the driving force behind Amber’s continuous progress.

As of the end of the first quarter of 2023, Amber manages funds totaling $209 million. This includes Amber MIC mortgage loans totaling $149 million and Amber Commercial Loan Investment Fund totaling $53.44 million.


Amber Financial CFO Lina’s speech

Lastly, Lina, the Chief Financial Officer of Amber Financial, introduced Amber Commercial Loan Investment Fund. In 2022, Amber established its second fund, the Amber Business Loan Investment Limited Partnership Fund. As of the first quarter of 2023, the total value of Amber’s commercial loan investment fund has reached $53.44 million CAD, marking a leap in Amber’s asset management scale.

After years of continuous accumulation, Amber Financial has built a good reputation and reputation in the markets of British Columbia and Ontario. It has become a well-known Chinese mortgage institution in Canada. Amidst enthusiastic applause from the guests, the first half of the event with Amber Financial concluded joyfully, creating an exceptionally lively atmosphere with discussions and laughter echoing throughout.


Salon Lecture

The much-anticipated second half of the event, “HerPower Visits Amber: Discussing Marketing and Women’s Influence,” began with interactive discussions led by Elaine. Elaine has 22 years of experience in large customer sales management training, serving as the chief performance growth consultant for Fortune 500 companies and providing business growth services to over 1,300+ enterprises.

Elaine brought a captivating presentation titled “Marketing and Successful Cases of Women’s Influence,” vividly illustrating that influence is the only secret code to multiply marketing. By sharing the two key factors of how influence helps us and amplifies our influence, Elaine provided valuable insights and marketing experiences to the female guests present.



The “HerPower Global Women’s Club,” initiated by several Vancouver female entrepreneurs and workplace elites, has been dedicated to supporting and empowering women since its inception. It has gained favor from many business and workplace professionals and received attention from various political and academic groups. As a well-known Chinese mortgage institution in Canada, Amber Financial is honored to have invited dozens of HerPower business elites to visit. Amber Financial’s goal is to align itself with top-notch enterprises in the industry and become the leading brand among Chinese financial institutions in Canada. Let’s raise our glasses, and we look forward to meeting again at the next vibrant Amber event!