Amber Financial Diamond Sponsor | Press Conference for the 6th Vancouver Amateur Golf Team Interleague Held

The press conference for the 6th Vancouver Amateur Golf Team Interleague was held grandly last Thursday at the EG Indoor Golf Club. The event welcomed many heavyweight guests from the Greater Vancouver Chinese golf community, including representatives from eight participating teams, sponsors, media representatives, and more. The 6th Vancouver Amateur Golf Team Interleague, scheduled to kick off on June 5th at the Langley Green Tee Golf Course, will run for 24 days, concluding on June 28th.


The Vancouver Chinese Amateur Golf League began in 2016, interrupted for two years due to the pandemic, and resumed last year. This year marks the 6th edition, organized by the Vancouver Amateur Golf Team Interleague Committee, hosted by the West Coast Golf Club, with Amber Financial as the diamond sponsor.


Representatives from Amber Financial, Mr. Jay Liu and Ms. Carrie Zhu

The participating teams were divided into two groups through a draw. In Group A, the three champion teams—Baishi, Youlin, Huatai Golden Bear—were joined by the formidable Haiying team. Group B included the two-time champion Longqi team, the two-time semi-finalist West Coast team, the newly formed but aspiring champion Alliance Hua Tiger team, and the perennial participant Maple Leaf team.

The month-long league will unfold in four stages: group stage, challenge stage, semi-finals, and the final. It promises to be a grand event for the local Chinese golf community, providing golf enthusiasts with the opportunity to witness the exciting performances of the top players in Greater Vancouver. The event upholds its consistent mission of promoting mutual exchange and friendship among teams through golf.

Host Selene first introduced her connection with the league as a West Coast member and then introduced the chairperson of this edition’s organizing committee and the Executive President of the West Coast Golf Club, Mr. Li Zaifeng. Mr. Li emphasized the league’s purpose of unity, friendship, adherence to etiquette and rules, and the promotion of golf in the Chinese community. He expressed gratitude to the committee members, sponsors, and volunteers, promising to make this year’s league the most memorable.


Host Selene opens the event


Executive President of West Coast Golf Club, Mr. Li Zaifeng, gives a speech

The participating teams in this edition include the top six from the previous year, along with the strong Haiying and Maple Leaf teams, making it a truly high-level event in the Greater Vancouver amateur golf scene.


Amber Financial representatives, Mr. Liu Jie (Jay), gives a speech


Also seated on the stage are the past champion team, Golden Bear Golf Club’s President Huang Yuanjiang, Youlin team representative Mr. Gu Jun, and Baishi team representative Mr. Liu Libo.


The guests jointly participated in the champagne toasting and cake-cutting ceremony, expressing their blessings for the success of the league! Ambow Financial, always attentive to and actively promoting the development of activities in the Chinese community, sees the Vancouver Amateur Golf Team Interleague as a showcase of teamwork and the beautiful side of life for Chinese and overseas Chinese, becoming a highly anticipated event in the golf community in British Columbia!