Amber Gala · 2024 Vancouver New Year Concert

Amidst the celestial dance of dragons and the harmonious embrace of auspicious tidings, the Vancouver New Year Concert unfolded its enchanting melodies on the eve of the eighth day of the Lunar New Year, February 17th. The ‘Amber Night · 2024 Vancouver New Year Concert,’ hosted at the illustrious UBC Chan Center Theatre, was a resounding success, weaving a tapestry of extraordinary sights and sounds.

This event, co-organized by the Vancouver Alumni Association of the China Europe International Business School and the Vancouver Alumni Association of Peking University Guanghua School of Management, along with the collaboration of 16 esteemed Chinese university alumni associations, marked the fourth installment of this musical celebration.

A celebration of knowledge and camaraderie, where rhythms conveyed emotions and alumni from diverse universities converged to compose a splendid chapter in celebration of the traditional Vancouver New Year event.

The 2024 concert featured the renowned Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra (VMO), established in 2002 and celebrated as the city’s most imaginative symphony orchestra. Under the baton of the talented conductor Ken Hsieh, VMO has graced the stage for an impressive 15 consecutive years.

On this mesmerizing evening, the Chan Center Theatre, with a capacity exceeding 1100, was filled to the brim with elegantly attired spectators, collectively indulging in a magnificent musical banquet.

The annual Amber Night · Vancouver New Year Concert not only upholds the original intention of showcasing diverse cultures and celebrating the Lunar New Year but also integrates the essence of both Chinese and Western music in meticulous planning, presenting an enchanting audio-visual spectacle.

The concert commenced with the vibrant notes of the ‘Spring Festival Overture,’ echoing through the Chan Center like the footsteps of spring, carrying with it fervent wishes for the Year of the Dragon.

A jubilant fusion of music and charity unfolded throughout the concert, with rich Eastern elements interwoven, especially the familiar strains of Chinese folk music and classic tunes, flowing like a clear stream.

The VMO orchestra delighted the audience with classical symphonic pieces, including the playful ‘Grisette and Can Can’ and ‘Venetian Night.’

Culminating in the exuberant ‘Radetzky March,’ under the conductor’s guidance, the concert reached a crescendo. The audience, carried away by the rhythmic melodies, bid farewell to the night in a warm and jubilant atmosphere, creating an unforgettable Lunar New Year experience.

Beyond a musical extravaganza, the ‘Vancouver New Year Concert’ is a testament to charity and public welfare, embodying the spirit of love and dedication. For four consecutive editions, all proceeds from the concert have been generously donated to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, contributing to local charitable causes.

Matilda, Development Coordinator at Canuck Place, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the donors.

Over the years, the concert has progressively increased its charitable contributions: $18,429 in 2019, $28,876 in 2020, and $48,600 in 2023. This year’s concert, a result of collaborative efforts from the two organizing alumni associations and 16 university alumni associations, raised nearly $40,000 CAD. The donation amount continues its upward trajectory.

As the title sponsor, Amber Financial has consistently supported the concert for the fourth consecutive year, aligning with its corporate values of giving back to society through conscientious business operations. Amber Financial has continually contributed to the community, supporting charities such as Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, Richmond Hospital, Autism Family Network, Lion’s Gate Hospital, Chinese Museum, and Burnaby Hospital.

Special thanks to all concert sponsors:

The generous support of these outstanding businesses and alumni associations has elevated this New Year concert to new heights.

Representatives of the organizers presented medals to sponsors in acknowledgment of their invaluable support.

This meticulously planned ‘Amber Night · 2024 Vancouver New Year Concert,’ six months in the making, not only garnered accolades but also captivated widespread attention in society.

Interviews with:

  • Song Yi, President of the China Europe International Business School Vancouver Alumni Association.
  • Wen Juan, Executive President and Secretary-General of Peking University Guanghua School of Management Vancouver Alumni Association.
  • Cindy Liu, Vice President of Amber Financial.

In a grand finale of vibrant hues, the ‘Amber Night · 2024 Vancouver New Year Concert’ symphony feast marked the commencement of the splendid Year of the Dragon on this auspicious eighth day of the Lunar New Year. May the blessings of music usher in a year of peace and joy for all!