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Quick and Flexible Capital Turnover

Amber Financial Services Corp. and Amber Mortgage Investment Corp. are one of Canada’s leading financial services companies that leverage financial technology to improve the lending experience. Our mortgage professionals will offer you expert services, reasonable rates and best solutions.

  • Business Working Capital

    The client immigrated to Canada for five years, established a local business and traded with China. In the past five years, the business has operated well and the income has been stable. Recently due to the external issues, domestic receivables have been delayed in payment, which has resulted in customers being unable to pay the balance of the freshly purchased equipment. The customer has delayed the payment for two weeks and can no longer extend it. So Amber helped customers obtain sufficient funds through real estate mortgages, not only paying off the balance of the new equipment, but also leaving a portion as working capital. When the domestic receivables arrive, the customer can pay off the loan.


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  • Increase Cash Flow

    The client is an accompanying mother, and her husband operates a chain restaurant industry in China. Four years ago, a family bought a detached house for $ 4.5 million in Vancouver's West End. It could be sold for more than $ 6 million when the market was the best. Recently affected by external business factors, the catering industry has been hit hard, and it is temporarily unable to make payments from China. So the client mortgaged the house to Amber and successfully obtained a bridge loan of 400,000, which greatly improved the liquidity of the fund. The client hopes to spend some interest money and sell the house for 5 to 5.5 million after the housing market improves.


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  • Living Expenses

    The client is an accompanying mother. She has a detached house in Vancouver's West End. She needs to repay a bank loan of $ 15,000 a month, plus expenses such as living expenses, all of which need to be remitted from China. The remittance amount of the couple is only $ 100,000 per year. The client mortgaged the house in the West District to Amber, obtained a loan as working capital, and used it for living expenses. He planned to sell the house to repay it after the real estate market recovered within 1-2 years.


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  • Business Expansion

    Clients do business in Richmond and have their own property. In the past few years, business has been booming, so customers use their own money to expand their properties. At the last phase of the expansion project, when the client's funds were insufficient, he mortgaged his property to Amber and completed the expansion project with the secondary loan applied for. After the completion of the expansion, the guests' business is good and the income is stable. Holding the financial statements after one year of operation, Amber successfully helped customers transfer the loans to banks.


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    • All applicants will be considered for up to $50k in unsecured loans
    • Options of blended principal & interest payment to lower interest costs or interest only payment to improve cash flow

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    We are committed to providing quick and flexible mortgage financing to Canadians.

    Fast, Fair and Friendly Capital Turnover for Canadians

    At present, foreign exchange is strictly controlled, and the situation of global economy is severe. Amber understands the difficulties you will experience when setting up a home overseas. As an industry-leading licensed financial institution, Amber will do everything in its power to solve your urgent need for short-term capital turnover.

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