2024 Hua Yue Dance for Love and Joy Charity Performances: A Night of Charity Illuminates West Vancouver

On May 24, 2024, the “2024 Hua Yue Dance for Love and Joy Charity Performance,” sponsored by Amber Financial, was successfully held at the Kay Meek Arts Centre in West Vancouver. Organized by the Dance of Joy Academy and Huayue Kyushu Cultural Association and featuring over 200 students and teachers from Dance Delight School, the event raised CAD $8,160 for the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation’s cancer center, aiming to improve patient care facilities.

Louise Campbell, Vice Chair of the Foundation, expressed gratitude for the donations, highlighting their impact on cancer patient care and support for medical staff.

Lina Bing, Vice President of Amber Financial, spoke as a representative sponsor, emphasizing Amber Financial’s commitment to philanthropy, particularly in healthcare and support for vulnerable groups. Amber Financial has been actively involved in various charitable activities, including sponsoring the Vancouver New Year’s Concert for four years and raising funds for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, among others.


Lina Bing thanked the organizers, dance teachers, performers, and the audience for their support and contributions to the charity event.

The performance consisted of 20 programs, offering a captivating visual and auditory feast with classical, folk, modern, and K-Pop dances, showcasing the young performers’ skills and stage presence.

Dance, like life, is about persistence and passion. This sponsorship reflects Amber Financial’s dedication to giving back to the community, cherishing this wonderful evening, and continuing to light up lives with love.