Amber Event | “My Encounter with ChatGPT” Forum + Reception, Testing ChatGPT with AI Experts

The wildly popular ChatGPT reached 100 million users in just two months, a growth rate unprecedented in the consumer-level internet applications over the past 20 years. Bill Gates remarked, “The significance of this AI technology is as momentous as the birth of the internet and personal computer.”


Amber Financial hosted three AI experts on March 29 (this Wednesday), inviting them to guide us into the world of ChatGPT. Together, they tested and explored the use of ChatGPT, discussing the current and future impacts of artificial intelligence on our lives.


Recap of the Lecture + Reception Event

ChatGPT: Unleashing the AI Revolution with an Intelligent Conversational Assistant for a Smarter Life.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology (language model) designed to engage in conversation much like a human. It utilizes a technique called “Generative Adversarial Networks” to enable the computer to learn how to answer questions and engage in dialogue. Think of it as a clever robot capable of responding to your queries and having a conversation with you.

Bill Gates stated, “The significance of this AI technology is as momentous as the birth of the internet and personal computer.” Elon Musk, in a tweet last December, expressed, “ChatGPT is pretty scary; we are not far from powerful and dangerous AI.”


Guests at the Event (from left to right):

Yao Zhenwang, Steven Shi, Li Sa


Sa Li

AI and big data scientist, formerly an algorithm scientist at Canada’s Cancer Bureau Genetics Research Center; one of the earliest scientists to combine deep learning algorithms with GPU parallel processing. Pioneered the construction of the Slurm-managed CUDA parallel computing private cloud platform and the application of multilayer neural networks on this platform.

This work was recognized as the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence deep learning technology at the GPU Supercomputing Conference GTC2013. In the early use of artificial intelligence, the chaos annealing algorithm solved the world-famous mathematical problem “Traveling Salesman Problem,” ranking first globally for several consecutive years.

Li Sa currently serves as the CEO of Borealis AI.


Steven Shi

Software development engineer, architect, DevOps automation engineer, technical manager, director, and consultant for startup companies; one of the promoters of the entrepreneurial community in Greater Vancouver, co-founder and organizer of Mobile Connect Vancouver (CCMI).

With over 25 years of overseas (Japan, Canada, and the United States) experience in comprehensive architecture, development, design, operation, management, and consulting of hardware and software systems. Specializes in formulating systematic technical solutions and corresponding team-building plans tailored to startup companies’ business models and development stages.

In recent years, he has focused more on the deep application of operational automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology in the business field.


Dr. Yao Zhenwang

Senior expert in mobile game development and operation with over a decade of industry experience, leading the development of several successful mobile games. Currently the Growth VP at Vancouver gaming company “A Thinking Ape,” responsible for big data and game promotion.

Graduated from the Department of Automation at the University of Science and Technology of China and obtained a Ph.D. in robotics from SFU’s Department of Electronic Engineering. Previously worked for iFlytek and Motorola in China.


Following the captivating ChatGPT lecture, everyone transitioned to the wine-tasting segment of the reception. Under the afternoon sun and the gentle breeze of spring, friends interested in the field of AI savored top-notch wines from Phantom Creek Winery, hoping to fully experience a moment of leisure amidst busy times.


The entire forum was vibrant and interactive, sparking new insights through the collision of ideas. It ignited the enthusiasm of the attendees, instilling confidence in the future of human-machine relationships. While the rapid development of artificial intelligence may induce some anxiety and uncertainty regarding its impact on industries, this exchange allowed everyone to gain a new understanding of technology and the future of human-machine relationships.

The event “Living in the ChatGPT Era,” jointly organized by Amber Financial and Phoenix Canada, concluded successfully amid the clinking of glasses and enthusiastic discussions. Amber Financial remains committed to hosting various distinctive events for investors, and we look forward to meeting again at the next Amber event!