2024 CEIBS Vancouver Alumni Association Event Series — BC Fishing Knowledge Seminar

The year 2024 marked a significant milestone for the CEIBS Vancouver Alumni Association with the official formation of its Fishing and Hunting Club. This vibrant addition to the alumni community aims to enrich their engagement with British Columbia’s majestic outdoors. Celebrating this initiative, the club hosted an illuminating session titled “2024 BC Fishing Knowledge Lecture” on May 10th, featuring renowned licensed fishing guide Steven Su.

Opening Remarks: Song Yi, President of the CEIBS Vancouver Alumni Association, warmly welcomed the alumni attendees. He expressed enthusiasm for the newly established club, which promises a host of diverse outdoor activities tailored for the alumni community. Special thanks were extended to the event organizers, alumni Wang Geng and Wang Yi, the Secretary-General of the Association.

Club Introduction: Wang Geng, the head of the Fishing and Hunting Club and a 2013 CEIBS EMBA graduate, shared his extensive experience and passion for outdoor activities. A seasoned expert in fishing and hunting regulations, Wang has spearheaded adventurous trips to Canada’s Arctic and has authored publications about these expeditions.

Steven Su commenced the seminar by detailing the application processes for both freshwater (non-tidal) and saltwater (tidal) fishing licenses, aligning with BC’s fishing regulations.

  • Freshwater/Non-Tidal Fishing License Application: BC Government Website
  • Saltwater/Tidal Fishing License Application: Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Regulations Overview: Steven provided comprehensive resources, ensuring all attendees understood the legal frameworks governing their fishing adventures.

Diving into BC’s Fish Species: With an expert’s insight, Steven unveiled the seasonal and regional guides for targeting species like rainbow trout and king salmon. He also provided valuable tips on selecting optimal fishing gear, enhancing the practical skills of every participant.

Engaging Multimedia Presentation: The event concluded with an array of captivating fishing videos, bringing the thrill of the catch right into the lecture hall. This visual feast not only entertained but also visually reinforced the techniques and joys of fishing discussed during the session.

Conclusion and Acknowledgments: This meticulously organized event by the Fishing and Hunting Club not only fueled the alumni’s passion for fishing but also equipped them with the skills to thrive in BC’s abundant waters. The association appreciates the enthusiastic participation and positive feedback from all attending alumni and looks forward to future adventures that celebrate the spirit of exploration and the joy of fishing.

About CEIBS Vancouver Alumni Association: Established in 2009, the CEIBS Vancouver Alumni Association serves a vibrant community of over 300 alumni families. It provides a dynamic platform for networking, growth, and recreation through its various clubs and regular events, fostering lasting connections and collaborative opportunities.

About Amber Financial:The event was graciously sponsored by Amber Financial, a prominent fintech institution co-founded by CEIBS alumni. Recognized for its innovation and growth, Amber Financial has received numerous accolades and continues to be a pivotal player in Canada’s financial landscape.