Amber Technology and Human Experience

From Canadian Insiders – Providers of financial services in Canada are facing growing pressure to adapt to an increasingly digitalized marketplace, as they experience the innovation of a burgeoning Fintech space that is expected to see $14.8B in technology spending by 2018.

While many agree that the future of finance will exist exclusively online, some Fintech companies plan to remain relevant by staying tuned in to what consumers are asking for when it comes to the experience of managing their finances. Ernst & Young recently released the results of a global research study reporting that digital is not replacing the human component of financial services, but that digital and in-person components of banking services are complementary to one another.

In response to consumer preferences like these, Vancouver-based Amber Financial Services , a provider of personal loans, mortgage loans, and online borrowing to personal and business clients, has designed its service around balancing a first-class online experience with highly personalized customer service.

The Fintech company intends to maintain the human experience of its service to best meet client needs. The company holds strong to the value of balancing online and offline service to achieve a goal of financial inclusion:
Simple online application – A user-friendly interface and simple three-step application process revolutionizes the inflexibility of traditional bank service and allows clients to apply and receive funding quickly and easily.

Customer-oriented treatment – Highly personalized customer service allows Amber Financial’s lending representatives to provide each client with individual treatment, going the extra mile to familiarize themselves with the client and their larger financial picture. Amber Financial’s integrative process has allowed the company to provide online loans to financially responsible clientele that find themselves in unique life circumstances that other Fintech companies may not qualify, including new immigrants, clients faced with family emergencies overseas, single parents and small business owners, among many others. “At Amber Financial, we believe in going the extra mile to support responsible Canadians who find themselves in situations that challenge their financial stability and independence,” says Cindy Chen, CEO of Amber Financial. “This is why we value the personalized experience that allows us to support these clients, both online and offline.”

For more information about Amber Financial, please visit About Amber Financial Amber Financial is a personal loan, mortgage, and online lending company based in Vancouver, Canada. Using proprietary technology, Amber Financial provides a secure and easy, customer-oriented loan service to Canadian residents. Amber Financial lowers the cost of borrowing and provides a convenient personal loan service compared to banks and traditional institutions. The company aims to promote financial inclusion and help Canadian residents achieve their dreams through fast and easy lending. For more information, please visit