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    Mortgage Loan

    Amber provides mortgages that suit your housing needs. Flexible, fast, secure.

    • 1st & 2nd mortgage
    • No income & Non-resident
    • Fast approval and funding
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    Mortgage Investment

    Amber provides investors with investment opportunities into mortgage loans.

    • Potential yields 8.24%1
    • Quarterly dividend
    • RRSP, TFSA eligible
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    Personal Loans

    Amber provides financing for your wedding, travel, education and small business

    • Fast & easy approval
    • From 4.6% fixed rates
    • 3–60 months loan term
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Efficient and Reliable Financial Lending and Investment Platform

Amber Financial Services Corp (Amber Financial) is a financial institution registered in BC, with assets under management over 200 million Canadian dollars. We provide fast and flexible loan services for borrowers, and provide investors with investment opportunities into mortgage loans secured by BC and Ontario real properties

Amber Financial is the industry's leading innovative financial company. In 2016, Amber was named as one of Canada's most sought-after and promising five financial technology companies by Techvibes. Through technological innovation, we have built an efficient and reliable financial lending and investment platform to provide customized financing, wealth management products and financial services for Chinese Canadians.

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We are always committed to providing borrowers with fast and flexible loan services, providing investors with ideal income and stable value-added investment opportunities.

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Investment Opportunities Into Property-secured Mortgage Loans

Amber Mortgage Investment Corp. (Amber MIC), managed by Amber Financial, is a non-bank financial institution established under the Canadian Income Tax Law, with assets under management over 200 million Canadian dollars. Amber provides home mortgages and investment opportunities for individuals, companies and institutional investors.

As a leading financial technology company, Amber Financial combines core data analysis capabilities with financial and credit risk control experience of professional management team to protect your investment. Each loan is secured with property(ies) in BC or Ontario, generating historical 8%—8.24% for our investors.

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  • 8.24%1
  • 200M
  • 24
  • 21M


Fast and Flexible Mortgage Loan

Amber Financial & Amber MIC are the industry's leading mortgage investment companies. We provide fast and flexible mortgage loans for individuals, real estate investors, companies and institutions.

Amber Financial provides a more flexible and faster loan service than traditional banks. No matter it's a mortgage loan, a commercial loan, a construction loan, or bridging loans and unsecured personal loans, our loan specialists can provide you with the most suitable financing solutions with the best interest rate and the easiest approval process.

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Company News and Announcements

Amber Financial attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility, integrates it into business management and business development, creates sustainable investment income for shareholders, and provides customers with convenient and reliable financial services. At the same time, we enthusiastically support social welfare undertakings and actively participate in or host various charity activities.

  • Charity Activities2020.01.19

    2020 Amber Financial New Year Charity Concert

    Jan 19, 2020, the alumni associations from eleven universities, including CEIBS, Peking University, Tsinghua University, jointly created a New Year charity concert to convey love and beautify. The concert raised funds in support of the Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

  • News2019.12.08

    2019 Amber Financial Corp Annual Gala

    2019 Amber Annual Gala was successfully hosted in Richmond BC. This grand event was elaborately prepared to appreciate the support from every Amber investors and shareholders. We thank you for entrusting us with your investment and look forward to creating long-term success.

  • Charity Activities2019.02.01

    Vancouver Alumni Association New Year Symphony Concert & 2019 Amber Financial Charity Night

    On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the CEIBS Alumni Vancouver Association, the Peking University Alumni Association of the Guanghua School of Management and the Kaxi Alumni Association of Tsinghua University jointly created a New Year charity concert to convey love and beauty. The concert raised $15,600 for Canuck Place. The donations raised by the Amber Financial Charity Night was donated to the Canuck Place Children's Hospice.

  • Charity Activities2018.05.01

    CEIBS Alumni Vancouver Association Golf League

    Organized by the CEIBS Alumni Vancouver Association, Peking University Guanghua School of Management, Tsinghua SEM, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Fudan University School of Management, the first China Business School Canada Alumni Association Golf League kicked off in the Coquitlam Westwood Plateau Golf Club. Golfers from various business schools and local political and business representatives, sponsors, and charitable enthusiasts attended the event. The donations raised in this event were donated to the Pacific Autism Family Network.

  • Charity Activities2018.07.06

    Amber Financial Japanese Cloisonne Enamels Salon

    Amber Financial has the honor to invite Ms. Keiko, the famous master craftsman of the Japanese Cloisonne Enamels, to provide a 5-day Cloisonne Enamels course. She devoted her own ingenuity to the craft of Cloisonne Enamels, and with the inspiration of her continuous creation, she created one and another amazing work. Now she hopes to share this craft with everyone, let it bloom!

  • Charity Activities2019.04.26

    Amber Financial Chinese Flower Arrangement Salon

    Under the detailed explanation of Ms. Li, the participants learned about the origin, meaning and spirit of Chinese flower arrangement, and learned the skills of flower arrangement and the choice of flowering choices. Under the lead of the teacher, everyone used Jianshan and stoneware to create their own Chinese flower arrangement. The atmosphere was lively and everyone actively discussed, shared their flower arrangement inspiration, and took photos with their works.

  • Charity Activities2019.03.06

    Amber Financial Organic Handmade Soap Salon

    Amber Financial led everyone to learn the course of organic handmade soap. In addition to our valuable investors, enthusiastic Amber customers also have participated in the event . Everyone gathered to experience the charm of high-grade organic handmade soap. Handmade soap has a glycerin ratio of up to 25%. It has excellent moisturizing and water-blocking effect. It can fully moisturize the skin and is gentle. Your skin will not feel dry and tight after use. After the event, each person received a handmade soap gift.

  • Charity Activities2019.03.19

    Property Knowledge Lecture (1) - Canadian Housing Property

    Amber Financial have a detailed conversation on the issue of housing property rights. The atmosphere was lively. Everyone started a positive discussion and raised many questions. Participants generally believed that this type of knowledge lecture was very good and necessary. Amber will continue to organize other activities to conduct more communication and exchanges with people on housing loans, investment and wealth management, tax issues, etc.

    Amber is your trustworthy wealth management expert