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I can’t seem to continue on my loan application?!

This could be a browser issue. Please either update your browser to the latest versions, or use Chrome. Double check the information entered, ensure that all required fields are filled out. If you have any more issues you can email us at

I can't pass the 1st step?

Normally customer will choose custom reason for the purpose of loan, but they forgot to type the reason, leave it blank. If the reason is blank, it’s not able to continue.

Please also ensure to input your desired loan amount. The box indicates a range of $1,000 - $50,000, please input the amount you would like to apply.

My ipad/ phone cannot continue the application!! Tell me how to continue!!!?

This could be an issue with your current app browser. Please use chrome. If you have any more issues you can email us at

Address verification step cannot pass.

Your address might be missing in our database, please click "Can't find my address", and manually fill it in.

I don't want to sign the contract because it’s not the amount that I want. Why should I sign the contract? Is it the final?

The contract is a pre-signing, after you sign the contract our officer will contact you to discuss your loan term.

How could I go back to a specific part of the application form, how could I go back to a previous step?

Currently you cannot go back. Please contact our loan officers to have your current application rejected so you can create a new one. You can reach our loan officers at

Verifying phone number

If you did not receive a text message on your mobile phone or you use a landline phone, click on “skip verify” to move to the next step.

Is pre-approved amount actually approved and final?

No. Pre-approved amount is loan amount determined by our system based on the information provided on your application and calculation completed by our algorithm. Our officer will review and verify your information, if the information provided on your application aligned with your supporting document, your final amount is be very similar to the pre-approved amount. Our officer can also make adjustment to the loan amount based on your actual situation.

Why am I required to log into my online banking?

This is to verify the ownership of your account which will be used for deposit of the loan proceeds as well as monthly loan repayment. We do not store any of your login credentials and we treat all personal information in accordance with the law. Our system will indicate to us whether your login was successful hence confirming your ownership of the bank account. Your last 3 month of banking transactions will be provided along with the verification, the information is incorporated into our smart system to calculate your debt servicing ability and serve as income proof, saving you time to download/upload bank statements.