Company History

With integrity, into the future.

Founded in 2015, Amber Finance is a financial service platform jointly created by several alumni of the China Europe Business School Alumni Association. In 2019, Peking University Guanghua alumni joined, and in 2020, Phantom Creek Winery joined, forming a strong and capable shareholder team. Shareholders gave their full support and each utilized their resources, connections and financial advantages to promote the company’s vigorous development.

In 2021, in the face of the severe epidemic situation and the turbulent international political and economic situation, Amber Financial’s operating performance has grown rapidly, and its asset management scale has exceeded the 100 million yuan mark, entering the leading ranks of Canadian Chinese mortgage loans. In January 2022, Amber’s second fund, Amber Commercial Loan Limited Partnership Fund, was established. It has a new starting point to further expand market share and serve borrowers and investors. In June 2022, Amber will fully enter the Toronto market and continue to expand its territory in another major market in Canada.

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June 2022

Expanding West to East

In June 2022, Amber Financial made a comprehensive entry into the Toronto market, continuing its expansion in another key market in Canada.

Jan 2022

Significant Scale

In January 2022, Amber established its second fund – Amber Income Opportunity Limited Partnership Fund, adding another dimension to its capabilities, aimed at further expanding its market share and serving borrowers and investors.


A Big Year

In 2021, despite the challenging circumstances brought about by the severe pandemic situation and the turbulent international political and economic landscape, Amber Financial’s operational performance has grown rapidly. Its asset management scale has surpassed 100 million, placing it in a leading position in the field of mortgage lending and mortgage investment among the Canadian-Chinese community.


Powerful Combination

in 2020, Phantom Creek Winery became a partner, forming a robust and capable shareholder team. With the wholehearted support of the shareholders, each contributing their resources, networks, and financial strengths, the company’s vibrant growth has been fostered.


Business School Background

In 2019, alumni from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management joined.

Dec 2018

Canada Fintech 150

Listed by Scotiabank Digital Banking Lab of Western University Ivey Business School as Canada Fintech 150 on December 31, 2018

Dec 2016

A+ Accredited Business

Certified by Better Business Bureau as A+ Accredited Business since December 8, 2016


Business School Background

Amber Financial, established in 2015, is a financial services platform collaboratively created by several alumni of the China Europe International Business School.